Vacuum Oven

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Vacuum Oven Vacuum Oven INTRODUCTION :-
Vacuum Ovens have gained wide acceptance for its remarkable performance in various Hi-tech Laboratories, Research & Development Centers, Industrial Houses , Medical Centers, Hospitals, Educations Institutes, central & state government Departments.

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>>  Hi-tech Vacuum Oven Double walled

>>  Inside-cylinder is made of thick stainless steel 304 Qty. And outside Ms powder coated.

>>  High grade mineral glass wool insulation the walls to avoid energy loss.

>>  Temperature range from 50°C to 230°C with ±2°C accuracy.

>>  Temperature controlled by Digital temp. Controller cum indicator.

>>  Vacuum chamber is wrapped with a set of high quality heaters for quick and uniform


>>  Door has a thick toughened glass window, perfectly sealed with silicon gasket for thermal


>>  Specially designed per-treated Aluminum door has a screwed door closure.

>>  Proper door alignment to ensure excellent vacuum performance and operator’s safety.

>>  Two removable stainless steel shelf.Z

>>  Designed to be operated at any pressure less than atmospheric pressure




>> Control by Microprocessor based PID controller. 

>> Computer interface RS 485 / RS 232 interface for multiple / single communication port with printer.

>> Safety device Thermostat or Energy Regulator for over heating.

>> Complete Stainless steel 304/316 Qty. contraction. 


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