U. V. Cabinet

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The UV cabinet is suitable for inspecting thin-layer chromatograms and objects in an undarkened room. The front of the box is closed with a magnetic lock, which can be pushed open. A glass filter in the viewing window protect the eyes against reflected short-wave UV light. Great care has been taken to ensure the correct distance between UV lamp, object and the observer's eye in the interest of good illumination and untroubled viewing.

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Model : Mild Steel, Powder Coated
Size : 15" X 12" X 10" (H)
View Piece : Alluminium Casting with Eye Protection
Light Source : 3Nos
       A) Short Wave - 254 nm.
       B) Long Wave  - 365 nm.
       C) Visible Light
Tube Size : 12" Long
Working : Individual Toggle switch provided for each light.


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