Auto Clave

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Spur Gears / Helical Gears It is used for sterilization under working steam pressure upto 15psi. There are double walled units with inner and outer chamber made of heavy gauge stainless steel 304. Die pressed cover thick S.S. lid and Gasket molded silicone rubber. provided with Digital temperatures controller with indicator & Timer , Pressure gauge, steam release valve, safety value & paddle lifting arrangement.
This instrument supplied with basket of Aluminum / stainless steel. Pressure controls by spring valves .Cord &plugs to work on 220 / 230 V Ac supply.

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Dimension Inner 30x30h 30x50h 35x55h 45x75h 55x75h 55x90h
Outer 0  x  h 0  x  h 0  x  h 0  x  h 0  x  h 0  x  h
Heater   2kW 2.5kw 3kW 4kW 5kW 6kW


Accuracy                                    ± 1°C
Pressure                                                   15 Psi
Gauge                                    Calibrated Pressure Gauge
Power  Supply                                       AC 230 V, 50 / 60Hz

  Optional :

Digital temperature controller cum indicator with Timer.

Low water level indication with audio alarm.

Fully automatic Autoclave with printer interface through RS232 / Rs485.

For multiple networking.


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